Tenant FAQ

Renting a place can bring a lot of questions when it comes to knowing your responsibilities as tenant or a landlord. Check out some of the questions we commonly get asked about renting a place with ICR Commercial Real Estate.


What forms of payment do you accept?

  • Pre-authorized Withdrawals, click here to download a form
  • Debit at most building locations and at our office downtown located at 100-261 1st Ave North
  • Downtown office will accept cash

When is rent due?

Rent is due in full on the 1st of the month. Rent paid after the 5th of the month will be subjected to a $25 late fee


Are pets allowed?

We allow pets at some of our rental locations, talk to your Property Manager when submitting an Offer to Lease

Do you charge a Pet fee?

We charge pet rent on a per month basis on a per pet basis.

What do you require before I get a pet?

Click here to fill out a pet agreement which will need to be submitted to your Property Manager prior to picking out your new fuzzy friend.

What happens if I no longer have a pet?

1 month notice is required to be provided to your Property Manager to stop the pet rent from being charged to you.

Maintenance Concerns

I have an issue in my unit what do I do?

Notify your on-site caretaker or Property Manager

I have an urgent maintenance issue and it is after hours what do I do?

Contact our office at 306-664-6118 and you will be put through to our after-hours maintenance.

What is an emergency?

Anything that would cause severe damage or discomfort ( Flood, no heat, fire)

Move in / Move Out Procedures

What happens on move in day?

Prior to moving in the following is required:

  • 1st month Rent paid in full
  • Lease agreement signed
  • Copy of Tenant Insurance
  • Confirmation of Utilities in your name
  • Rent Paid in Full
  • Security/Key Deposit Paid
  • Pet Rent Paid
  • Caretaker or Property Manager will meet you to do the walk through and hand over the keys.

How do I provide notice to move out?

Submit in written form direction to your Property Manager, Office or Caretaker your intentions to move. Include your name, address, phone number and date you are vacating.


July 31st, 2018

I, Henry Smith, currently reside at 214 – 10 Pearson Place am providing my one month notice to vacate to move out on August 31st, 2018.

Henry Smith

How much notice is required to move out?

You are required to give a full calendar months’ notice on the last day of the month.

What happens once I give notice?

  • Be Present
  • We will provide you with a copy of cleaning checklist (click here)
  • We will contact you prior to the end of the month to schedule a time to do your walk through. We recommend you are present for your walk through
  • We will take pictures and document your move out
  • Keys and/or FOB and/or laundry card will be required to be handed in upon move out
  • Security Deposit and/or invoice will be mailed to your forwarding address
  • Provide the forwarding address

Lease Renewal

I am interested in renewing my lease, how do I do that?

Contact your Property Manager to see when your lease expires.

I’ve decided not to renew my lease, what do I do next?

Contact your Property Manager to ensure you provide proper notice for the end of your lease term.


My neighbors are bothering me, what do I do?

  • If it is a late night party, fighting, etc. call Police to intervene. Please ensure your individual safety.
  • Contact your Property Manager during business hours( in writing preferably) and indicate date, time and what occurred

What will happen when I complain?

Your Property Manager will investigate and provide appropriate direction to offending parties.

What if the noise doesn’t stop?

Continue to document and talk to Property Manager. ICR follows the Residential Rental Tenants Act


I discovered I have bugs in my unit, what do I do?

  • Contact your Property Manager immediately.
  • Save the bug in a pill container or Ziploc bag so they can be identified
  • Do not self-treat, it is important that we treat the unit appropriately.

How many treatments will be required?

Sometimes it may take 2-3 treatments.

What prep work do I need to do before treatment occurs?

The Pest Control company that is responsible for treatment will provide prep sheets based on the bugs found in your unit. Compliance with prep work is crucial to the process

What else do I need to know or do?

It is important that you continue communication with your Property Manager and Pest Control person to ensure we treat your unit effectively.

Insurance Requirements

What kind of tenant insurance do I require?

By talking to your insurance agency they will indicate to you based on the type of building, and your type of assets what coverage is best suited for you.

What if I don’t want to have insurance?

We require all our tenants to have tenant insurance.  Should you not get insurance or allow it to lapse your application will be denied or if already a tenant you will be in breach of your lease and subject to termination.

How often do I need to renew my insurance?

Most insurance companies offer month to month insurance with continual renewal. However you can pay on a yearly basis and your insurance will then expire on an annual basis based on when you purchased your insurance.